Beat Up His Attorney - he might expose us (CNET)

Walnut Creek CA | 12/10/2012

How CNET Officers beat me again - The easist way to win lawsuits in Contra Costa County is to BEAT Plaintiffs Counsel

In spring 2006, Attorney Sage Sehapi was attacked and beaten on Oak Road Walnut Creek CA

Bennett could not find an attorney in Contra Costa County to represent him so he sought counsel via the San Francisco Trial Lawyers of Northern California, which at first glance was a good idea. 

There is the Contra Costa Bar where they refer attorneys to potential clients but after being in business for many years especially in my construction days I soon realized that decent counsel was hard to find.  I latched on to the same attorney for almost 14 years but there was some spilt milk. 

The Diablo Symbiants -

The Judge, Police and Attorneys are one for all and all for themselves. 

I've learned plenty on how the Judges, Court and attorneys interact but more important was how I told a judge that lived in my old neighborhood about how a Danville Police Officer covered up an attempted murder.  First the best way to win a case in Contra Costa is to pay off someone or use Chris Butler who used cops to ruin your life. 

In 2004 I was attacked and nearly killed by this Gary Vinson Collins a Danville Building Inspector who was allowed by Danville Police to beat this former resident up then later they used real guns to threatened, scare or otherwise intimidate persons as they fit. Read 

I've been through this several times with several agencies who get away with a wide swath of civil rights violations but who cares as we need to protect and serve.  I once told a local Judge about this attempted murder but that Officer Of the Court decided to pass on reporting the news.  

In order to deflect my litigation they beat the shit out of my attorney 2006 and he's so scared he won't return my calls.  So much for legal representation.  

My attorney was attacked during drop-in Basketball Game on Oak Road Walnut Creek - it was a regular basketball game except for the unknown assailant be never got the assailants name.  

There is another case where I suspect the attorneys death was near perfect timing.  I'll be posting about how another Attorneys Office who represented offices burned into a total loss.  the early 2000's or perhaps about someone who shares his last name that was murdered.  

I spent the time digging through newspapers, article and calling/meeting with persons I knew had snippets of information.  

By September 2010 I was driven from my Offices at 1932a Oak Park Blvd Pleasant Hill CA when I fled the area after getting death threats, my friends getting them and in fact I suspect cops were behind them after all this was very close to one of those CNET operations.  

The links will be posted here shortly
  • Heart Attack or Murder
  • Fire or Unfortunate
Keywords: Beating, Attempted Murder, CNET, Walnut Creek Police, Chris Butler, Chief Bryden, Assault, Obstruction of Justice, Abuse of Authority Under Color of Law, Misuse of Public Funds.  



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