Assisted Living Facilities - Business Growth by Crushing Homeless persons

Four Wheeled Homeless Crushers
A Unique Sustainable Business Model
A defining moment was a conversation with then Councilman Mike Shimansky Danville CA where we took a short stroll together through the Danville Mormon Stake, 655 Old Orchard Dr, Danville CA where in his words that I can only restate was "Get over the assault (Building Inspector)" as they are too powerful. I truly took those words literally but decade earlier my business was hit which cost somewhere in the millions but that will be for another blog.  My dual experiences span nearly three decades only the latter they tried to kill me at least seven or more times. 

Four Wheeled Homeless Crushers - You couldn't ask for a better business model when you know the Long Term Care (LTC) is covered by Uncle Sam which is the perfect recipe for medi-care fraud but incredibly hard to detect.  My focus on these incidents morped into new dimensions of untold size and shape.   This theory surfaced during work on a pending article when researching costs on this in the video embedded below. 

Another victim currently resides in a Long Term Care Facility in Walnut Creek CA.  Without a court order or power of attorney examining his records near impossible but then we have HIPPA rules.   His medical, associated costs and his police report are iron clad documents with a zillion rules to penetrate.

A Sustainable Business Model

My goal in that article was to identify the hidden taxpayer costs that a Long Term Care patient would place on the system.  Using an extremely lose analysis model beginning with a proforma worksheet you'll get the idea - it's hugely profitable but more important explains why I've gotten endless resistance by authorities in Contra Costa County but I don't take deflection well. 

The Revenue and Expenses
Every business model begins with "show me the money" so patient revenue and revenue optimization is the foundation of our hypothetical company.  For our example we'll use the KISS model "Keep It Simple Stupid" that our audience can absorb without consuming mental resources on the business aspect as that is secondary better suited for a meeting with the suit and ties folks.  Please excuse my personal dig the establishment. 

We need a bed estimate, patient durations forecasts and for our model we'll start at 10K per month per patient.  We'll estimate salaries based on job openings for doctors, nurses, LVNs, VNs, orderlies and a schedules of supplies, assigning budgets to departments, site selection and then long term planning coupled with strategic alliances but most important are operatives to do your bidding.

Perhaps someone in the State Legislature will read this instead of endlessly debating dogmas the operatives are fast at work exploiting our administrative weak spots. 

Part of that operative model is the "perfect circle" which we'll visit shortly.  When Keith Richards (alias) stated he'd been hit seven times I was simply astonished as there were no arrests, no litigation so while he's living under bridge perhaps more than slightly shocked unknown to his PTSD shattered mind he's preparing for his next accident.

Some might conclude he's experienced the "Richard Dryfuss Effect" where he's hit with bright lights sufferes an untimely sunburn then the compulsively begins building mountains on his coffee table but my experience suggests persons with extensive pharmacological and anesthesiology expertise that have to an uncontrolled medicine cabinet.  That would be just like former Commander Wielsch's business model - steal the evidence locker with thirty years of drug seizures your supply line would be consistent. 

Kieths costs (taxpayer funded) by now are way over one million but I never expected this one interview to evolve into this article either.  The goal that morning was learning about a mutual acquaintance Todd Cambra who generated around 250K in fees to fix him up but since he could walk he's under the bridge. 

 Bunny Rabbit Billing Systems - (re) producing new clients is simple

The other factor is the supply and demand side economics - you need revenue, COG and Net/Gross Profit, need a market place, locations, buildings, structures and equipment but the important element is getting paid timely without cash you don't have a business.

Put your Moodys Investors hat on by assuming the role of analyst by pseudo analysis of a fictitious company called "AA Indigent Only Assisted Living Facilities" where we care for those that can't for themselves!

You look at the company website where you see free feeding tubes included with every order for if you move in today.

Having good financials means a good stock price but every analyst must factor short vs. long term survival is what it all boils down to.  If you're picking stocks you want to pick a winner.  Lacking times to write a detailed analysis I'll borrow something from the real world of finance with a few edits.

 Backed By Uncle Bucks Payment Systems 

When I first noticed how the homeless accidents I knew something was wrong but lacked reasons as to what underlying motivations beyond just persons wanting to exact revenge on the underprivileged and underrepresented.  The system also can not or will not deal with people coming in with wild ideas e.g. they are being stalked, that gangs stalk them or they've got electronic implants right out "Close Encounters" type movie. 

As I traveled around the bay area I heard things like "transmitters have been implanted, that someone placed GPS transmitter on my car.  I never fell head over heals for the alien conspiracy model but knew my movements were monitored but in my case I outsmarted them as my story about my trip to San Jose CA revealed how they found me.  But this one is because I've lived a life as a programmer for many years but at present no one will hire me due to the many problems my pending story on Officer Kenyon Youngstrom will get your attention as another US Programmer imploded over his inability to get a job. 

When you're broke it's hard to fight back but when you have attorneys, police and perhaps others working in unison anything is possible.

One of my theories is that someone targets homeless by running them over but NOT killing them as most are placed in large assisted living facilities under the \indigent care model which pays for everything for as long as it takes.  The MBA will recognize this model as sustainable but might not recognize why its so steady. 

  • Long term care costs - recurring revenue - localized to your neighborhood
  • Perfect medi-cal or medi-care billable.
  • Each victim worth more than their organ parts -
Just apply the rules of revenue growth and you have the answer. 

Coming Soon: The Business Model - Producing Revenue a unique Targeting System

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