Petitioner Against Neiman Marcus - Beaten at Walnut Creek Safeway

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Petitioner Against Neiman Marcus - Beaten at Walnut Creek Safeway

Last June dealing with another court hearing that forced me to be bounced around between Butte County and Contra Costa while having my cars totaled.  Perhaps my car accident was serindipty as I went to the Chico Safeway to get copies - this Petitioner was out in front. No I didn't want to vote as I've lost faith in voting especially in Contra Costa County after learning this petitioners story. 

Back when there was this contentious debate about having whether or not the Neiman Marcus Building would go in he was standing on the perfect location at the Walnut Creek Safeway. 

While doing his job he was attacked from behind by an unknown and still unknown assailant who attempted to beat him up.  Then the incredible investigative powers of the Walnut Creek Police said his attacker was mentally ill and there was nothing you could do about it. 

I was simply astonished as that's an all too familiar story. 

In 2006 officers playing basketball beat up my attorney and said the same thing but this now deadbeat dad gets arrested for being unable to pay support, his friends are dying far too often, this deadbeat dad survived a near fatal poisoning and has been driven out of 5 offices in Walnut Creek.

The car accidents last summer was the turning point.  By the way I spoke with DA Investigator Jackson who said he was the FBI Liaison between the DA and FBI, spoke with Dave Christensen and Mayor Newell Arnerich and Cheif Bryden about events in my apartment in Walnut Creek where the legal associate of Dick Grossman was in my residence where she created a scene that required an ambulance.  The next an event similar to this one three persons near CNET were killed but there is a forth from Oak Park Blvd.

I was first arrested on July 7th 2011 on my way to Hillside Covenant Church for an unknown child suppport but the curious event was how their youth direct

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