Jailed for Jay Walking (62 Days)

Jailed for Jay Walking (62 Days) 

The Walnut Creek Mom (M.E.)

Abuse of Authority Under Color of Law
Research Cases

This case should be fully vetted including the dismissal of court personnel, disbarment plus removal of any parties connected to this case. 

For eight years I've battled for visitation rights to be honored, access to my sons and even school information is paltry but my story is interwoven with Chris Butler, former Officers Tanabe, Wielsch and Lombardu.  I'll doubt never see my sons again as it would be a waste of money to even file as they are 16 and 14.  All my future earnings to Butte County to pay the child suppport leaving me in complete poverty until my death.  My truck was blown up, my life targeted and now left with no place to live, no license, and little chance of getting work I've decided to vet the stories I've been finding around the county and parts of the state. 

I'm now positive that with help from Contra Costa Sheriff's Department, Butler, Tanabe (Former Neighbor) Lombardi and other deputies that I'm hoping will be indicted soon all played a hand in destroying many families. 

My earnings have dropped to near zero while enduring endless events and court battles.  I love my sons dearly but when read how Hillside Covenant Church targeted me last year plus how my sons were nearly killed here you have to wonder. 

A few years ago (2009) several divorce attorneys stated you can't win in Family Law but one clearly stated the system is corrupt.  Her additional frustration was complaining only made it worse - retaliation made it worse.

The CNET operatives are in cleanup mode as some divorcees suffer untimely deaths and some never reach the divorce court as they have the perfect circle - the perfect police report, the perfect investigation, in my case the doctors rolling me into the corner to die back in 2005, and then like all the Sherriff Coroner Fatal Officer Shootings - the officers are never at fault.    

The Arrest that started her fall to homelessness
It took over three years to glean details, she is definetely mentally shattered, denigrated and mentally destroyed but my hope is an attorney will file motions armed with new information I've developed to reverse events. 

I've known opposing counsel for decades but after declined to take my case I was rather ticked but that was in years before I learned he represented my friends husband.  If he's reading this he'll know which case but more important is his Law License is on the line. 

Jailed For Jay Walking - Tactical Maneuver (send the mark sideways)

Once Butler was arrested she began to conclude that my tactical campaign allegations made sense as she knows one morning she walking her daughter school then spensds 65 days in jail plus looses full custody to the father. 

Family Law Hearings - when in custody
  • You're brought to the holding area
  • You're brought into the courtroom to be seated
  • You're jail uniforms -
  • You sit with your counsel
  • Your case gets heard with you present
M.E. was held in the "Family Law Holding Area" while her husband and possibly her attorney argued she'd abandoned here children so the court issued orders in her absence.  When you read the court docket it clearly states mail was returned undeliverable.  Of course that's going to happen she's now homeless and in jail. 

The 5150 Play - They still want to see their children - what gives?
This one gambit has been used over and over in Contra Costa County - in my situation I realized I was played from all angles but others have come forward with similar stories. 

Awakes From Coma at Kaiser Oakland

What happened next is truly appalling as this petite mom starting chasing cheap housing leads on Craigslist so one day she went to Oakland and couldn't find the apartment then all of sudden she's attacked - using the usual Oakland Suspect Model - four black males but after several conversations with her she doesn't much until she woke up at Kaiser Oakland as she was beaten and left with a head trauma. 

The husbands counsel knows all too well that was targeted as I was beaten, poisoned and my truck torched - all with the help of Contra Costa Law Enforcement and agencies. 

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